Veterans for Peace

Veterans forPeace 2These people have experience of serving in the armed forces and are out on the streets ensuring that people understand that war is used for Governments to keep their power and control, and that peace is the way forward.

Today they joined us in Leicester City Centre as we went out to give another view while the army seduced small children with their gins, helicopter and climbing wall. Continue reading “Veterans for Peace”

Action alert: Immigration Bill amendments

Detention ForumFor the 9th May, the Detention Forum is focussing on judicial oversight amendment.  It is important that MPs are informed and encouraged to support Lord Ramsbotham’s amendment (Amendment 84), which provides far greater scrutiny over the Home Office’s power to detain than the Government has been willing to agree to so far.

After the Government has had to back down on the Dubs amendment, they are unlikely to want to face another defeat.   Therefore, it is crucial that we apply as much pressure as possible on the Government to hammer in the message that we need a radical reform of detention, not a meaningless gesture just to appease us.   Continue reading “Action alert: Immigration Bill amendments”