Margaret Owen returns from solidarity visit to Rojava

1075604_653746481334321_197652154_oPeace In Kurdistan Campaign PRESS RELEASE – 30 December 2013

Margaret Owen, a well-known human rights lawyer and women’s rights advocate has returned from a solidarity visit with women’s groups in Rojava, northern Syria.

Margaret spent eight days in the region, which is also known as Western Kurdistan and is currently under the administration of a broad coalition of civil society and political organisations led by the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD). The region was largely peaceful until clashes with Al Qaeda affiliated groups began this year, and has seen a massive influx of Syrian internal refugees fleeing violence elsewhere in the country. Continue reading “Margaret Owen returns from solidarity visit to Rojava”

Politics Arts Culture = People’s Arts Collective – Leicester

This is an exciting new organisation bringing politics, arts and culture together to effect change. It was initiated by left Unity – Leicester but now has its own momentum.

We need to think about:
o Who, what and why we are
o What are we going to do
o How
Ø We need to find a name for the group that is simple and reflects what we are and want to do
and this is the priority for our next gathering.
Key words that have been used include: Provoke, delight, excite, inform, challenge, and – we need better words with these … – re-framing, re-forming Continue reading “Politics Arts Culture = People’s Arts Collective – Leicester”

A Different Kind Of Love Song – Dick Gaughan – YouTube

A Different Kind Of Love Song – Dick Gaughan – YouTube

Published on Oct 6, 2012

“One night in 1982, I had just finished playing in a folk club somewhere in the southeast of England when a woman came up to me and proceeded to ask me all the questions in the first verse of this. When I replied, she looked at me sadly and said, “Oh, you’re still at the political stage, then”, and walked off.

When I had stopped laughing I wrote this.”