Newroz! Piroz

March 21 Newroz

A traditional holiday celebrating the deliverance of the Kurdish people from a mythical tyrant is under threat…
It is Newroz festival today. Newroz means ‘new day’ in Kurdish.

They say this ‘new day festival’ is being celebrated in all Eastern cultures but for Kurdish people it means a lot more than a new day that says spring is coming.

Once upon a time, there was a cruel commander whose name was Dehak (Zuhak), in Mesopotamia. Continue reading “Newroz! Piroz”

Transition Leicester

2014 March Transition Leicester About Transition Leicester

Transition Leicester is a growing network of local people that aims to inspire action to make Leicester a thriving, low-carbon and resilient city that we’ll love to live in.

Our main focus is on developing practical local solutions to some of the big challenges that our community is facing today, such as climate change, the economic crisis and dwindling supplies of fossil fuel energy. Although this situation is challenging, we also see it as a great opportunity to plan for and create a positive and sustainable future for our city. Continue reading “Transition Leicester”