Turkey attacks Kurds in Syria: Saleh Muslim

Salih Muslim: We will not allow the Turks to enter one inch into the liberated territory (Asharq al-Awsat)

·        Chairman of the Democratic Union Party Salih Muslim accused the Iranians, Turks, and Syrians, despite their differences and conflicts, of uniting against the Kurds, amid silence from the US-Russian sides, saying that the regimes of the three countries are “dictatorial” and could not accept the democratic example established by the Kurds on the ground.

·         In an interview to Asharq al-Awsat, Muslim said that when it comes to the issue of the Kurds, they all forget their differences and unite to combat them because they all do not want the “Kurds” to become a reality on the ground in the Middle East.

·         Muslim described the Turkish incursion into Syrian territories as “heinous” saying that the Kurds will defend themselves with or without anyone’s help, adding “we were not made by the Americans, the Russians, the Syrian regime or any other country, as we defeated Daesh we will defeat them.”

·         Muslim highlighted that the forces fighting against Turks are part of the  national councils, protecting their cities and villages, asserting that the Syrian Democratic Forces will support them if needed, and will not allow the Turks to lay foot inside Manbij or any other liberated areas.  He added that they will also liberate the areas that were occupied days ago, saying that “we do not differentiate between them and Daesh.”

·         Head of the Democratic Union Party asserted that all fronts are open on the Kurds in Syria, from the Syrian regime in Hasaka, to Daesh or Turkey.

·         Muslim asserted that the military cooperation between the Syrian Democratic forces and Washington is going on, refuting claims that there is any political cooperation or coordination between the two sides.

·         As for the latest developments and whether this will delay the announcement of a “Federation in the north, Muslim asserted that they will not unilaterally announce a Federation, “we have proposed it to all the partners, taking into consideration that Syria will never be the same as in 2011, and the solution is in “decentralization” which will keep Syria integrated, or else there will be division, which we do not want.”

·         Muslim added: “if any other party has another proposal, we are ready to discuss it.”