We must not bomb Syria.

The original and continuing problem is that the Syrian President continues to bomb his own people. We must not forget this.

ISIS is doing very terrible things, but it offers funding and a place of acceptance to people who feel displaced. It is in people’ minds not just in Syria and bombing will give them propaganda to increase their support.

Fighting violence with violence does not bring long-term positive benefit. It’s an extremely lazy and highly dangerous response to the Middle East problems which are a result of international politics, and global economic greed and power. It is difficult to believe that the world’s Governments could not find a political solution if they really wanted to. The Middle East unrest has been serving a purpose and Syrians are pawns in their squabbles.

Turkey has been allowed to continue all the benefits whilst encouraging and supporting ISIS to fight its own Kurdish population – this is so wrong. The UK government knows what is going on and has allowed it to continue.

We need to be cutting off the funding streams for ISIS and shone a light wherever they are so that they can be seen for what they are.

We need caring and welcoming communities in UK, so that people displaced people have a place to belong.