Politics Arts Culture = People’s Arts Collective – Leicester

This is an exciting new organisation bringing politics, arts and culture together to effect change. It was initiated by left Unity – Leicester but now has its own momentum.

We need to think about:
o Who, what and why we are
o What are we going to do
o How
Ø We need to find a name for the group that is simple and reflects what we are and want to do
and this is the priority for our next gathering.
Key words that have been used include: Provoke, delight, excite, inform, challenge, and – we need better words with these … – re-framing, re-forming
Ø Language: we will be a collective of artists, creatives, artisans, art-makers
Ø Sharing works with the group: we need to know more about “Creative Commons” http://creativecommons.org/ and intellectual property rights, and other models.

o We offer to promote, raise the profile of and enhance the reputation of people who come on board and join us in our journey
Ø We will work out processes to signpost people, advice-giving, and facilitating each other’s creativity
Ø We need an agreed collective brief about curating and editorial process systems, because we are looking to produce cultural products that have meaning.
Ø We are creating a new culture within groups, using culture and the arts in our organisational processes to engage people and organisations – for example, Left Unity
Ø This makes us organic, translating politics into art-making, cultural products with meaning, and vice-versa
Ø We want to create arts and cultural experiences that are free- art for all.
Ø People within the group will have different roles, eg: promotion, not just art-makers
Ø We hold the concept of collective ownership
Ø Culture is not fixed – we will be actively promoting inter-culturally
Ø Method: guerrilla/street art, situational arts etc etc, to take it to where the people are
Ø We will join up and make familiar the cultural links that are available – seek out what’s around in the hideyholes of Leicester

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PACLeicester

Email: PACLeicester@gmail.com