Quakers: Challenging immigration policies

Drawing of a woman, man, child and baby.Challenging immigration policies 5.12.2017

Britain’s Quakers are pledging to challenge immigration policies. The position takes a stand against the scandal of indefinite immigration detention, pledges support for ‘new, peaceful, safer routes of migration’, and opposes the possibility of unjust deportations and forced removals.

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In the Raw: Any Heart Will Do

Playing a card game at a folk festival. Pete Morton asked my Amy what he should do next, and she helpfully  replied ‘Any Heart will do’.

Good title for a song he said … and said that I could have that to work with, so I did.  It became a song about lust 🙂 Continue reading “In the Raw: Any Heart Will Do”

In the Raw: What Is This Peace [written by Kevin McCourt]

IMG_0920This song was written by Kevin McCourt who was a modest musician, well-known around Leicester with his numerous instruments.

Kevin was keen to get me singing in Gaelic which I am still planning, however in the meantime this is a lovely song that he wrote and asked me to sing. Continue reading “In the Raw: What Is This Peace [written by Kevin McCourt]”

In the Raw: Toast and Marmalade

The inspiration for this song was an interview on TV by a reporter in Aleppo, Syria.  He was talking to a girl in tent city where she had been sent to be safe as the houses were being bombed, but the bombs were still falling.  Her little brother was behind her – he may have been about 3 – and was making aeroplanes from his fingers in the air, and his fingers were acting out the dropping bombs.  That was his life … Continue reading “In the Raw: Toast and Marmalade”


Although crows and ravens are part of the same family (Corvus), they’re not exactly the same bird. Typically, ravens are quite a bit bigger than crows, and they tend to be a bit shaggier looking. The raven actually has more in common with hawks and other predatory birds than the standard, smaller-sized crow. In addition, although both birds have an impressive repertoire of calls and noises they make, the raven’s call is usually a bit deeper and more guttural sounding than that of the crow.