Turkey invades and attacks Kurds in Syria

One of the most outrageous aspects of Turkey’s aggressive invasion of  Kurdish areas in Syria for me is the UK’s complicit regard for its own advantage by supporting Turkey, and totally abandoning the Kurds.

Kurds until very recently were being celebrated for their ability, sacrifice and tenacity in ridding the area of ISIS control, but suddenly they have become the political football that they have always been, and  dropped like a hot potato … now that they are not seen as being essential to UK interests. Disgraceful behaviour by the UK Government!

This is absolute betrayal.

For more information see http://supportkurds.org

Quakers: Challenging immigration policies

Drawing of a woman, man, child and baby.Challenging immigration policies 5.12.2017

Britain’s Quakers are pledging to challenge immigration policies. The position takes a stand against the scandal of indefinite immigration detention, pledges support for ‘new, peaceful, safer routes of migration’, and opposes the possibility of unjust deportations and forced removals.

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In the Raw: Any Heart Will Do

Playing a card game at a folk festival. Pete Morton asked my Amy what he should do next, and she helpfully  replied ‘Any Heart will do’.

Good title for a song he said … and said that I could have that to work with, so I did.  It became a song about lust 🙂 Continue reading “In the Raw: Any Heart Will Do”

In the Raw: What Is This Peace [written by Kevin McCourt]

IMG_0920This song was written by Kevin McCourt who was a modest musician, well-known around Leicester with his numerous instruments.

Kevin was keen to get me singing in Gaelic which I am still planning, however in the meantime this is a lovely song that he wrote and asked me to sing. Continue reading “In the Raw: What Is This Peace [written by Kevin McCourt]”

In the Raw: Toast and Marmalade

The inspiration for this song was an interview on TV by a reporter in Aleppo, Syria.  He was talking to a girl in tent city where she had been sent to be safe as the houses were being bombed, but the bombs were still falling.  Her little brother was behind her – he may have been about 3 – and was making aeroplanes from his fingers in the air, and his fingers were acting out the dropping bombs.  That was his life … Continue reading “In the Raw: Toast and Marmalade”