PAC: Rights of Passage 2 Oct 2018

Peoples Arts Collective ‘Rights of Passage’, 2 October 2018 at New Walk Museum 2018, taking inspiration from artwork in  the Victorian Gallery and thinking about the celebration of significant anniversaries relating to  the marking of advances in human rights. Photos below:

Dress rehearsal for the sketchWe thank Everybody’s Reading Festival, and New Walk Museum – Leicester.


Significant anniversaries in 2018

Hui-Ling _ Debs Tyler-Bennett _ Richard Byrt_ Steve Wylie_PAC-PoemsForCopying

Lorna Encaustic Art general info use for PAC

Flyer for the eventPeople’s Arts Collective –  PAC presents: ‘Rights of Passage’

People’s Arts Collective invite you to join us at this FREE event as part of Leicester’s Everybody’s Reading Festival 2018, thinking about our Rights, and drawing inspiration from artworks in the museum’s Victorian Gallery. There’ll be an enjoyable, thought-provoking afternoon of poetry, a sketch, stories, music, visual arts, celebrating some of this year’s human rights anniversaries.

at Leicester New Walk Museum, Tuesday 2 October 2018 1-4pm

You are very welcome to join us in the performances and please contact the organisers for further details (see below) if you want to display, play or read your work.

Thanks also to PAC members, Spike the Poet, Bradgate Writers, Westcotes Words, Sound Cafe and to New Walk Museum, and Everybody’s Reading Festival.

The idea for ‘Rights of Passage’ arose from Richard Byrt’s suggestion that we use paintings in the Victorian Gallery (the room where the stage is) as inspiration; and as a second strand to our theme a number of human rights issues that are being marked this year: 70 years since the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and the NHS was founded; 50 years since the death of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy; 100 years since certain women over 30 years were granted the right to vote Women’s suffrage – the Museum is planning an event around this.

We now meet on 1st Thursday of the month, 6.15pm at Duffy’s Bar, Pocklington’s Walk, Leicester. Please feel free to join us.