Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister

JCThis is a chance for the Labour Party to find its feet again.  Lots of people like me didn’t feel able to vote for the Party because it had lost its way as a result of going off in search of votes etc.

Jeremy Corbyn has brought the heart back to to what should be a Political party standing up for the most vulnerable, making sure everyone has what they need before satisfying greed. He’s being hounded by Party members who want him out  – it had to happen at some time because those with power in the Party have been in place under the ‘New Labour’ system. They tend not to be supporters of Corbyn for a variety of reasons.

We’re on the verge of finding a new way of doing things, with respect, a quiet firmness, integrity, courgae, love … and these are the qualities our Leaders also need.

I have no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn is the person to lead us bravely into that new future