In the Raw: I Asked [words by Chris Gimlett]

Words by Chris Gimlett from Hastings, dedicated to CND and a safer world. The tune is much older.

I Asked

I asked you for Freedom, for freedom to choose

But discovered too late it’s a word that you use

To enslave and oppress those who don’t share your views

When you tell them that free men are equal.


I asked you for Justice, for justice I see

As the triumph of truth with its power to set free,

But you gave me these laws that are shackling me

And the law says that all men are equal


I asked you for Love, a love that I said

Should remember the wreaths on the graves of the dead

But their flowers are watered by tears that I shed

When you showed me how nations are equal


I asked you for Peace, must peace now depend

On your right to make war, or the money you spend

On a race that we know to have only one end

As you prove that in death we’re all equal


If I ask for Life for this child that I bear,

That the sins of his father his children you’ll spare

Will you show me a world free from hate and despair?

Will you show me a world without people?

Will you show me a world without people?