In the Raw: Any Heart Will Do

Playing a card game at a folk festival. Pete Morton asked my Amy what he should do next, and she helpfully  replied ‘Any Heart will do’.

Good title for a song he said … and said that I could have that to work with, so I did.  It became a song about lust 🙂

Any Heart Will Do

In the desert of desire, seeking love for the fire

Always driving, never tiring,

Any heart will do

I’m waiting for a fusion, passion tearing at the leash

Desperation holds the keys now

Any heart will do


Ch: But satisfaction lasts a moment

Soon it’s gone and forgotten,

A prisoner in time, and I’m left wanting,

Any heart will do,

Any heart will do,

Any heart will do darling

But I’m looking for you.


I want to feel the warmth in my life

Butterflies dance on the wings of romance

Fuelled by the flames of our love

But for now, any heart will do,

Sometimes I think I might have found you

Lust and kisses flowing free

Awakened by the music in your soul

But is this fantasy?



Tonight, it’s just me and the beer

Guitar and pen in hand

Musing on life’s twisting, and turning

These thoughts around my mind

I know I’ll lose my heart again one day

Once it’s gone it won’t hold back in love

But it’s got to be right love

Any heart won’t do



I can feel a strong beat quicken,

You’re always on my mind

This could be right love, in its time love,

Your heart and mine.