Example of a letter for MPs re: Turkey/Kurds in Syria/ISIS captives

I have attached an example of a letter that can be used and adapted to send to MPs asking for action – click here: URGENT letter to MP Turkey_Kurds Oct2019.

The text is below

URGENT : Urgent action is needed to stop further Turkish invasion of the Kurdish area in Syria; and to take back responsibility for British fighters with ISIS connections currently held captive by the Kurds in Syria.


The Government of Turkey took over Afrin in the Kurdish area of Syria in 2018[1] and relocated their allies from Idlib who are fighters with ISIS[2] and related organisations, into that area causing the Kurdish population to be uprooted from their homelands, kidnapping and torturing them, and destroying their cultural icons. Turkey is now proposing to imminently further invade the Kurdish areas in Syria apparently to ‘rescue’ the fighters captured by the Kurds, but this is a thinly disguised cover for annihilating the Kurds in northern Syria.

ISIS-related foreign fighters are held captive by the Kurds in northern Syria because the Kurds have been organised and on the ground fighting the takeover by Turkey’s allies in ISIS and its related groups, as a result of which the Kurds have been left holding many foreign fighters at the Kurds’ expense because the countries these people come from will not take them back, UK included.[3]

Action is urgently needed as invasion is imminent, and will be extensive. It takes place together with the support of the international community by default of lack of support for the Kurds in Syria.

I ask you to speak out with a loud voice:

  • To condemn the expressed intended actions of the Turkish Government to further invade the Kurdish areas in northern Syria,
  • To urge the Government to take non-violent but persuasive economic and other political action that brings to bear pressure on Turkey that ensures that Erdogan and his Government know it will not be in their interests to take further action against the Kurds in Syria.
  • To engage with the Syrian Democratic Council to ask what support may be needed to encourage stability in the area[4].
  • To urge the Government to instruct the Foreign Office to take urgent steps to bring back to UK the British Citizens currently held captive as a result of their attachment to ISIS and thereby relieve Kurds of the burden of managing their confinement.

Thank you




[2] http://supportkurds.org/monday-8-july-2019/

[3] http://supportkurds.org/

[4] https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/feb/19/syrian-kurdish-leader-ilham-ahmed-international-force-kurds-turkey-border