Everybody’s Reading 2018 – human rights

Update (June 2018): Great news: I went into the New Walk Museum  and spoke to Phil Hackett regarding our ideas for an Everybody’s Reading 2018 event there in October 2018, and the team at Everybody’s Reading has accepted our appplication to be a part of the Festival.

The idea for ‘Rights of Passage’ arose from Richard Byrt’s suggestion that we use paintings in the Victorian Gallery (the room where the stage is) as inspiration; and as a second strand to our theme a number of human rights issues that are being marked this year: 70 years since the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and the NHS was founded; 50 years since the death of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy; 100 years since certain women over 30 years were granted the right to vote Women’s suffrage – the Museum is planning an event around this.

Women’s suffrage
In 1881, the Isle of Man gave women who owned property the right to vote. In 1893, the British colony of New Zea…

I am excited to tell you that People’s Arts Collective – PAC is booked into New Walk Museum to put on our event for the afternoon of Tuesday 2 October 2018 1-4pm, many thanks to Phil for his support, and the ER team.

I was allowed to take photos of all the pictures etc. in the Victorian Gallery on the understanding that they are for private use in relation to this event, and are not used in public media – we can for example have a private Facebook page but there are copyright issues about anything that the Museum does not own so we must respect this.

I have started a closed group (only member can see the posts in there but anyone can find the group and see who is in it) for PAC members who are interested in looking at the photos I took for inspiration to create poems, songs, art, drama etc: ‘PAC event 2 October 2018 New Walk Museum’.

We welcome other relevant groups that may be interested in joining us in this event as we have done in previous years.

2 October sounds like a long time off … but time will pass quickly.

We now meet on 1st Thursday of the month, 6.15pm at Duffy’s Bar, Pocklington’s Walk, Leicester. Please feel free to join us.