Donations needed: Earthquake 13 November 2017

Heyva Sor is the Kurdish emergency response organisation that will be able to co-ordinate assistance to help people affected by the earthquake in the most needed places. It is a registered charity in UK : Emergency Aid Appeal for East and Southern Kurdistan

Let we give emergent help to the people of Rojhilat and Başûrê Kurdistan

Dear Benefactors,

In the evening of November 12, an earthquake of 7.3 magnitude took place in South and East Kurdistan. The epicenter of the earthquake is the city of Kirmanşah in Eastern Kurdistan-Rojhilat and the Halabja city in South Kurdistan.

Hundreds of people lost their lives and three thousands people were injured. At the same time, many houses were destroyed and damaged.

In southern Kurdistan, the earthquake mostly affected the Derbendîxan city and Helepçe. There are also casualties and injuries in these areas.

Heyva Sor a Kurdistan, a humanitarian organization, has been active since the first hours of the earthquake.
According to this extraordinary and emergent disaster, our work for providing the victims with tents, blankets, living necessities have been started.

Due to the road conditions, Heyva Sor a Kurdistan will only accept the financial aid and, through this way is going to meet the needs of the people.
We are calling on all the business people living in Europe and the people of Kurdistan in this framework to stand firm and solidarity with our people in South and Eastern Kurdistan.

(According to the Supervisory and Service Directorate decision we cannot collect donations in the State of Rheinland Pfalz.)