Deportation in this cruel hostile environment

Stop the removals – see the post on the StatusNow4All website:

StatusNow4All: This cruel hostile environment has given rise to yet another Home Office plan to deport people to Zimbabwe on 2 March 2022.  StatusNow4All abhors this decision made in the name of the Home Secretary, Priti Patel.


These are just some of the factors of note in relation to those who are being rounded up for deportation right now:

·   Some have been here a long time, as many as twenty years; 

·   Some will have had Refugee Leave, such was the compelling case they presented on arrival in UK, but the law allows the Home Office to strip them of this due to a conviction for particular offending behaviours [para 339 Immigration Rules].

·   Deportation Orders are automatically made against people without British or Irish citizenship who have been given a prison sentence of more than a year

·   Some of these people will have served their time in prison and on license like any other person with a conviction,  and have subsequently lived in the community for years without re-offending

·   They have been suffering the psychological damage and indignities of being on indefinite Immigration Bail with ankle tags, curfews, not allowed to work or study, and the ever-present threat of removal.


In Zimbabwe: We note that there has been a change of name of the President of Zimbabwe from Robert Mugabe to Emmerson Mnangagwa, but the Political Party ruling the country remains Zanu-PF.

We also note that serious concerns are being raised about the human rights record in Zimbabwe, and ask what sordid deals have been made that allow the UK to send people to a such place where their lives are at risk.

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