Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister

JCThis is a chance for the Labour Party to find its feet again.  Lots of people like me didn’t feel able to vote for the Party because it had lost its way as a result of going off in search of votes etc.

Jeremy Corbyn has brought the heart back to to what should be a Political party standing up for the most vulnerable, making sure everyone has what they need before satisfying greed. He’s being hounded by Party members who want him out  – it had to happen at some time because those with power in the Party have been in place under the ‘New Labour’ system. They tend not to be supporters of Corbyn for a variety of reasons.

We’re on the verge of finding a new way of doing things, with respect, a quiet firmness, integrity, courgae, love … and these are the qualities our Leaders also need.

I have no doubt that Jeremy Corbyn is the person to lead us bravely into that new future


Veterans for Peace

Veterans forPeace 2These people have experience of serving in the armed forces and are out on the streets ensuring that people understand that war is used for Governments to keep their power and control, and that peace is the way forward.

Today they joined us in Leicester City Centre as we went out to give another view while the army seduced small children with their gins, helicopter and climbing wall. Continue reading “Veterans for Peace”

Leicester Kurdish Solidarity Campaign – Action

Activity:  Leicester Against War: Stop the War on Kurds: at Leicester Clock Tower Friday 1 April 2016,  5.30 – 6.30pm: 

There is a gathering of Leicester Against War every Friday 5.30-6.30pm at the Leicester Clock Tower, sometimes with a theme. This coming Friday the theme is Stop the War on Kurds around the issue of what Governments are doing to the Kurds by abusing them directly – Turkey/Syria; using them as a political football – everyone especially Russia and America now; and excluding them/ denying them a voice – all the above + UK, UN and others for example in the talks about Syria. We need to ensure that Kurds have a real voice on the international stage Continue reading “Leicester Kurdish Solidarity Campaign – Action”

Solidarity Campaign and You

What does this have to do with you? If attacks on the Kurds stopped,  the Middle East would settle down, people could rebuild their lives and the world will be a better place to live – for everyone.

Syria: Syria is disintegrating but Kurds are successfully defending their area in the north – Rojava – from attacks by ISIS with minimal help from the outside. They also have a remarkable setup that is based on democracy and this protects Kurds and others in the area and maintains a working society in the midst of this terrible war. Continue reading “Solidarity Campaign and You”

Leicester/shire Kurdish Solidarity Campaign

Map of KurdistanAre you interested in helping to building a Leicester/shire Kurdish Solidarity Campaign?

The Turkish State  is killing Kurds both inside Turkey, and in Rojava/Syria directly and through al-Nursa and ISIS.  Meanwhile Europe tiptoes around because it wants Turkey to keep on taking refugees,  and Turkey teeters around whether it wants to join EU or not,  but it is also a NATO ally, so while European countries do not deal robustly with this behaviour by its ‘friend’, the Kurds are dying – a political football again.

We can learn together about what is happening and take our issues out on the streets to our neighbours and to our MPs,  and we can join with others to get our voice heard – because this is immoral.

Please get in touch: through Facebook – 

or by email:

Don’t bomb Syria

21:45 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has issued a statement:
“By refusing a full two-day debate, David Cameron is demonstrating he knows the debate is running away from him, and that the case he made last week is falling apart.
“The prime minister should stop the rush to war to allow for a full discussion of the issues in Parliament.
“Matters of national security are far too important to be bulldozed through the House of Commons for political convenience.”

Syrian refugees – what is happening?

Syria Regional Refugee Response: Inter-agency Information Sharing Portal:

Refugee Council:  Over recent weeks members of the public have been sending a clear message to the UK Government: refugees are welcome here.  We’ve been extremely humbled by all of your offers to support the Refugee Council. There are lots of ways you can help. Here’s how: Continue reading “Syrian refugees – what is happening?”

JRF: How to improve support and services for destitute migrants

2015 Aug 12 JRF DestitutionExecutive summary:

Action is urgently needed to help destitute migrants

Many migrants in Britain who find themselves with no support or ability to return home face destitution; they are not allowed to work, have no access to benefits and in only a few cases get emergency help. Many of them have a case to stay in the UK but cannot quickly prove it. All are vulnerable to exploitation or otherwise at risk.

All reports from frontline agencies indicate that the problem is growing much faster than their ability to respond. While many of the issues discussed here apply to migrants from within the European Union, the needs of migrants from outside the EU (more precisely the EEA – European Economic Area) are particularly acute because they usually have more complex immigration issues and cannot readily return home. Providing accommodation and support for them is a huge challenge because of rules about ‘no recourse to public funds’ (NRPF). The report focuses on this group. Continue reading “JRF: How to improve support and services for destitute migrants”