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Rojava – the Kurdish area in Syria along the order with Turkey

Solidarity Campaign and You

What does this have to do with you? If attacks on the Kurds stopped,  the Middle East would settle down, people could rebuild their lives and the world will be a better place to live – for everyone.

Syria: Syria is disintegrating but Kurds are successfully defending their area in the north – Rojava – from attacks by ISIS with minimal help from the outside. They also have a remarkable setup that is based on democracy and this protects Kurds and others in the area and maintains a working society in the midst of this terrible war. Continue reading Solidarity Campaign and You

Leicester/shire Kurdish Solidarity Campaign

Map of KurdistanAre you interested in helping to building a Leicester/shire Kurdish Solidarity Campaign?

The Turkish State  is killing Kurds both inside Turkey, and in Rojava/Syria directly and through al-Nursa and ISIS.  Meanwhile Europe tiptoes around because it wants Turkey to keep on taking refugees,  and Turkey teeters around whether it wants to join EU or not,  but it is also a NATO ally, so while European countries do not deal robustly with this behaviour by its ‘friend’, the Kurds are dying – a political football again.

We can learn together about what is happening and take our issues out on the streets to our neighbours and to our MPs,  and we can join with others to get our voice heard – because this is immoral.

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Don’t bomb Syria

21:45 Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has issued a statement:
“By refusing a full two-day debate, David Cameron is demonstrating he knows the debate is running away from him, and that the case he made last week is falling apart.
“The prime minister should stop the rush to war to allow for a full discussion of the issues in Parliament.
“Matters of national security are far too important to be bulldozed through the House of Commons for political convenience.”

Why do Western Governments not prioritise speaking with Syrian Kurds – PYD

FCOPersonal comments: I met with the FCO Syria and Turkey desk recently. The mythology seems to be that PYD does not accept the Syrian National Coalition’s position (which is important to them because UK has all its eggs in that basket). I argued that PYD is past of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change and is unlikely to come under SNC because of SNC’s reluctance to take Kurdish issues seriously – because of its own roots. If NCB and SNC were to work together then PYD would clearly be part of that. UK was effectively party to splitting the Kurdish block to disempower them and promote SNC, which is immoral! Continue reading Why do Western Governments not prioritise speaking with Syrian Kurds – PYD

Monday 16 June 2015: Kurds push ISIS back


ANF: Girê Spî liberated 

YPG/YPJ and Burkan Al Frat forces have gained victory over ISIS and liberated Girê Spî (Tel Abyad) after two years of ISIS occupation. 

Commander Rubar Qamislo operation launched by the YPG/YPJ and Burkan Al Firat forces has reached to its completion as Girê Spî is cleansed of the ISIS gangs following the pincer operation. 

An YPG commander, Husên Koçer has confirmed that Girê Spî has been retaken from the ISIS gangs.

YPG/YPJ and Burkan Al-Firat forces have started searching and cleaning activities in Girê Spî. Continue reading Monday 16 June 2015: Kurds push ISIS back

Kobani and Rojava

Congratulations to the Kurds in Kobani and Rojava for looking after each other and the area,  for Kurds and others who live peaceably with you. Well done the women who have worked so hard to change the way things are done, and to the men who did not stand in their way.

I was not impressed to read about women taking up arms, and was dsappointed to see the Facebook glorification of these women because it seems tokenistic,  but when my friend Houzan Mahmood reframed it – the women were protecting themselves and all that is important to them, not relying on anyone else – it all made sense.  In some ways it makes them less of a target if they can defend themselves.  Women are so often used in war. Continue reading Kobani and Rojava

Newroz! Piroz

March 21 Newroz

A traditional holiday celebrating the deliverance of the Kurdish people from a mythical tyrant is under threat…
It is Newroz festival today. Newroz means ‘new day’ in Kurdish.

They say this ‘new day festival’ is being celebrated in all Eastern cultures but for Kurdish people it means a lot more than a new day that says spring is coming.

Once upon a time, there was a cruel commander whose name was Dehak (Zuhak), in Mesopotamia. Continue reading Newroz! Piroz