Everybody’s Reading 2018 – human rights

Update (June 2018): Great news: I went into the New Walk Museum  and spoke to Phil Hackett regarding our ideas for an Everybody’s Reading 2018 event there in October 2018, and the team at Everybody’s Reading has accepted our appplication to be a part of the Festival. Continue reading “Everybody’s Reading 2018 – human rights”

Everybody’s Reading week 2017

‘Money’ – does it make your world go round; is ‘The Ragged Trousered Philanthropists’ by Robert Tressell still relevant? http://www.freeclassicebooks.com/Robert%20Tressell/The%20Ragged%20Trousered%20Philanthropists.pdf

You are welcome to join People’s Arts Collective – Leicester and friends for an afternoon to pause and think about how money plays a part in our lives through  discussion, poetry, stories, songs, music, photos and other art forms. This is part of Everybody’s Reading: http://www.everybodysreading.co.uk/ Everyone welcome. Continue reading “Everybody’s Reading week 2017”