Britain First left Leicester for a second time in 2 weeks

Leicester made a point of demonstrating  One Leicester on Saturday 28 May 2016 as we stood together around Britain First who brought their dirty politics to our streets.

Britain First leader Paul Golding showed no respect for the people of Leicester during his visit. He recorded a short visit, and spent a lot of time playing loud and repeated music, and holding but not using a microphone before being arrested and taken away by Police, seemingly for breaking his bail conditions that require him to sign at a particular south England Police station on Saturdays between 12 – 2pm.

Leicester City Mayor Sir Peter Soulsby spoke to the BF group and said: ‘This is a multi-racial city and you are not welcome here’.

Good one.

#Two Polish guys standing by me were told by one of the BF group that the people  chanting ‘Refugees are welcome here’ did not want Polish people in Leicester. What divisive rubbish.

A man from the Leave EU campaign came to ask BF members to support their stall as that is why BF said they had come to Leicester, but they chose not to help out.

This is the group leaving town: and Ambrose has some brilliant photos here:

Paul Golding;’s video from the scene: ‘This is Paul Golding reporting live from Leicester, we have about 30-40 of the unwashed, the smelly ones and Muslim extremists and we’ve had eggs thrown at us. These are not the people of Leicester, and we’ve had Indians coming over, and we’ve had people of the public and this guy and his wife, people who are here in Leicester, English people are coming over to support us. We’ve had as you can see there people from ethnic minorities  coming to support us and taking our leaflets, and they’re standing with us against these white unwashed liberals with multi-coloured hair and hoops through their nose, tattoos all over their face, the usual soap dodgers, and we are not being moved today, the Police can get stuffed as far as i am concerned, we;re going to stay here until the Police deliver on their word and move these people away from us so we can carry on handing out our leaflets ‘

The response of the people who stood against BF was mixed.  I do not accept that we have the right to be disrespectful in name-calling any more than anyone else has the right to call us names.