About CrowSpirit

Hi, I started this website because I wanted somewhere to link parts of my life, experience and passion in one place.

Why CrowSpirit? ‘Crows are known to be very protective and they work effectively in groups to chase off seemingly impossible foe. With Crow in your life, you’ll have a natural desire to safeguard the little guy, defend your territory and speak your truth without fear. You will also find that Crow as a Spirit Animal. inspires tenacity. Whatever the wall or barrier, you will eventually figure out a way to get around it.’ https://whatismyspiritanimal.com/spirit-totem-power-animal-meanings/birds/crow-symbolism-meaning/

So with Crow Spirit to turn to for energy, how could we go wrong?

My passion in a nutshell I guess is engaging with injustice and working for change, but there is so much out there than needs fixing … but those that rise to the top of the list for me are Kurdish issues; Kurds in Rojava – Syria; and our broken and very hostile system in UK for people who are undocumented and/or seeking a place of safety.

The web is a great place for sharing, and I am involved with websites for:

On a personal level, I love singing, and it’s opened doors to places and people I wouldn’t have dreamed of. It’s also a powerful way to open hearts and minds, which I shamelessly use.

I don’t find songs use me to write themselves very often, but other people are able to write songs that speak to my concern and there may well be some of those here on CrowSpirit.