Toast and Marmalade

You know how we hear news about other people’s distress but don’t know what to do to make a real difference … that’s what this is about. It came after I saw some footage of two small children in a tent in Aleppo, Syria and they stayed with me.

Black Annis’s Bower – a poem by John Heyrick

On a Cave called Ona Cave called Black Annis's Bower

Black Annis’s Bower

Being an answer to a very young lady’s enquiries about the story of Black Annis

Where down the plain the winding pathway falls
From Glenfield Vill to Lester’s ancient walls,
Nature or Art with imitative power,
Far in the glenn has placed Black Annis’ Bower. Continue reading “Black Annis’s Bower – a poem by John Heyrick”

Who is Black Annis

There is a jumble of thoughts about his below, and I will throw more at the page as I find it.

I go with the idea of Black Annis being a shape-shifting time traveller myself.

It is thought that the earliest written reference to Black Annis was from the eighteenth century, from which a title deed referred to a parcel of land as “Black Anny’s Bower Close”.[3] Continue reading “Who is Black Annis”