Zero + One= No Limit @ Musician, Leicester on 30 July 2015

2015 July 30 zero plus one


Really looking forward to our Zero + One = No Limit evening on Thursday at the Musician. The draft programme is here:is:

8.30pm Ian Mckie – 51
8.50 – Aunty Rachel Granger Benn – 21
9.10 – Andy Griffiths – 41
9.30 – Judy Hardman – 61
9.50 – Malc Randall‘s break, selling cds, maybe eating cake etc
10.10 – Mike Riley – 31
10.30 – Sheila Mosley – 61
10.50 – Pete Morton – 51 (it’s actually his birthday on Thursday 30 July smile emoticon )

Everyone is welcome, and it’s free to come in. Some people will be selling cds, and others may have a tin to collect donations for their favourite cause, and The Musician would appreciate selling some of their wares too. .

Why do Western Governments not prioritise speaking with Syrian Kurds – PYD

FCOPersonal comments: I met with the FCO Syria and Turkey desk recently. The mythology seems to be that PYD does not accept the Syrian National Coalition’s position (which is important to them because UK has all its eggs in that basket). I argued that PYD is past of the National Coordination Body for Democratic Change and is unlikely to come under SNC because of SNC’s reluctance to take Kurdish issues seriously – because of its own roots. If NCB and SNC were to work together then PYD would clearly be part of that. UK was effectively party to splitting the Kurdish block to disempower them and promote SNC, which is immoral! Continue reading “Why do Western Governments not prioritise speaking with Syrian Kurds – PYD”